3 phase 4 wire prepaid energy meter (IC card) is a new energy measurement product developed and produced by our company according to the technical specifications of GB/T17215.321-2008 and GB/T17215.323-2008. This product uses large-scale integrated circuits and SMT techniques, with functions such as electrical energy measurement, data processing, real-time monitoring, and information interaction.

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——General Information——


Product Features:

1. DIN rail, small size and easy installation

2. When any two of phase A B C are powered off, the energy meter can still work normally

3. Has the function of selling electricity remotely

4. Communication method: RS485, infrared

5. Has the function of multiply tariff(variable rate)

6. Can display total power consumption, current, voltage, power, power factor, etc.

7. The warning light may illuminate when pressure has dropped


——Product Function——


1.Display with LCD display with wide viewing angle and high contrast

2.Communication method: RS485, infrared

3.Applicable place:community,hotel,shopping mall ,office building,school,property,etc

4.Measurement functions:multiply tariff ,sell electricity remotely

5.High precision measurement:positive/negative,active/reactive energy

6.Easy installation:Adopt guide rail installation,convenient installation,light volume

7.Component:high-quality components

8.Has the function of multiply tariff

9.The power-off switch can be built-in or external


——Technical Parameters——


Reference voltage 3×220V/380V
Current specification 3×1.56)、3×560)、3×1040)、3×20803×10100A
Rated frequency 50Hz
Accuracy level Active level 1
Power consumption Voltage line: <=1.5W, 10VA; current line: <2VA
Temperature range Working temperature range -25~55degree,extreme working temperature range -40~70 degree
Meter Constant(imp/kWh) 6400400
Humidity range 40%60%, working relative humidity be controlled within 95%


——Product pictures——


IMG_6768 1  IMG_6770 1  IMG_6767 IMG_6842


——Wire Connection Modes——


Fix the electric meter to the guide rail, and connect the interface according to the wiring diagram. It is recommended to use copper wire or copper terminal. The screws in the terminal box should be tightened to avoid burning due to poor contact or excessively thin wire.


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