Not only reduces the user's irrigation electricity cost, but also makes irrigation electricity safer and more convenient ,more reliable.

Farmland irrigation power solutions

Jiangsu Senwei Electronics Co., Ltd. provides a professional information management system solution for agricultural irrigation power consumption. This system allows users to directly enjoy the agricultural drainage and irrigation electricity price benefit policy when irrigating electricity, which not only reduces the user's irrigation electricity cost, but also Make irrigation electricity safer and more convenient and reliable. The overall system architecture is shown below:

System composition


The smart irrigation system is a smart irrigation management system based on the Internet of Things. The system adopts a four-level architecture of "Intelligent Cloud System-Management Terminal-Electric Meter-Water Pump". It is mainly composed of cloud servers, management terminals, smart meters, energy management and monitoring systems, soft starters, water pumps, etc. It performs metering management, remote monitoring, and information collection for each power user or electrical equipment.Using mobile phone, management terminal, smart meter and soft starter connection, a set of meter reading master station system is built in the data center to cooperate with mobile app for operation and control.

System Working Mechanism

The first step: APP scans the code to get the user information.
The second step: Information interaction between APP and cloud (recharge, query,Instruction issuance).
The third step: The cloud platform forwards information to the management terminal.
The forth step: The management terminal interacts with the meter for measurement data, and interacts with the soft starter for instructions and status.
The fifth step: The soft starter controls the operation of the water pump.

System Security

This communication system consists of a secondary network. The communication systems at all levels are independent of each other. They are all built through dedicated lines and have no interdependence. The systems only need to provide network interfaces to each other, ensuring the high-level security of the entire system.

When the public network fails, the electricity meter automatically completes the data storage. When the network is restored, the historical data can be viewed or the missing data can be read to ensure the integrity of the data.

Physical Map


Senwei Communication Management Terminal


Three Phase Remote Fee Controlled Electricity Meter