DJGZ23-SW10 concentrator is the latest smart product developed by Senwei . It combines modern mobile communication technology, computer technology, power measurement technology . Adopt GPRS (CDMA or wired network) and the monitoring master station to realize remote data transmission, realize data collection through fast AD sampling, and realize data processing, data recording and data storage through the operation of the central processor.

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——General Information——

Product Features:

1. Adopt flame-retardant shell, light in size and easy to install

2. Modular design, CDMA module and GPRS module are interchangeable, automatic identification

3. Three-phase power supply, the terminal works normally under the condition of arbitrarily breaking the two-phase voltage

4. Collect real-time energy indication value of each energy meter, daily zero-point frozen energy indication value, meter reading day zero-point frozen energy indication value

5. The meter reading scheme can be set and inquired remotely or locally


——Product Function——


1. Data collection

The concentrator collects the real-time energy indication value of each energy meter, daily zero-point frozen energy indication value, and meter reading day-zero frozen energy indication value. Energy data should be saved with a time icon.

2. Data storage

The concentrator can classify and store the collected data as required, such as daily frozen data, meter reading daily frozen data, curve data, historical monthly data, etc.

3. Parameter setting

Clock call measurement and timing function: Correct time for the system and the energy meter.

Terminal parameter setting and query: remote query from the master station or local setting and query from the handheld device

Meter reading parameters: remote or local setting and query meter reading scheme

4. Event record

The concentrator is divided into important events and general events according to the set event attributes.  Events include terminal parameter changes, meter reading failure, terminal power off / on, energy meter clock out of tolerance, etc., and can save the latest 500 event records.

5. Local functions

The concentrator has a local maintenance interface, supports handheld device setting parameters and on-site reading of electrical energy data, and has security measures such as authority and password management to prevent operation by unauthorized personnel.

The concentrator has a local communication interface, can read the data of the assessment table in the station area, and can support the communication of the mining equipment and reactive power compensation device for distribution transformer monitoring.


——Technical Parameters——


voltage voltage 3×220V/380V-30%+30%
frequency 50Hz-6%+2%
current current 3×1.56A
starting 0.002In (1)
consumption 3VA
accuracy voltage 0.5%
current 0.5%
working temperature -25℃+70℃
humidity 10%100%
Power consumption Non-communication <9W12VA
clock accuracy ≤±1s/d
battery 1.2Ah Lithium ion environmentally friendly battery
insulating property Power frequency withstand voltage 2.5kV
impulse withstand voltage 6kV
electrostatic discharge 8kV
data transmission communication GPRS/CDM,,Low Voltage Carrier and wired Communication Mode
hardware interface RS485 interface line3infrared interface line 1remote line2


——Product pictures——

concentrator IMG_2568


——Wire Connection Modes——


Fix the electric meter to the meter box, and connect the interface according to the wiring diagram. It is recommended to use copper wire or copper terminal.

Without Local AC Analog Input Function     With Local AC Analog Input Function

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