• management machine

    management machine

    This adopts flame-retardant non-metallic shell, which is light in size and easy to install; it collects the real-time energy indication of each energy meter, daily zero-point frozen energy indication, and meter reading daily zero-point frozen energy indication; remote and local setting and query meter reading Program.
  • concentrator


    DJGZ23-SW10 concentrator is the latest smart product developed by Senwei . It combines modern mobile communication technology, computer technology, power measurement technology . Adopt GPRS (CDMA or wired network) and the monitoring master station to realize remote data transmission, realize data collection through fast AD sampling, and realize data processing, data recording and data storage through the operation of the central processor.
  • RTU


    SW-TCP232-304 is a RS485 serial port server, small size, cost controllable, realize RS485 to Ethernet bidirectional transparent transmission function; with 1 Ethernet port, 10 / 100Mbps rate; support timeout restart, DHCP automatically obtain IP DNS domain name resolution, remote upgrade, virtual serial port function; support custom beat data to eliminate useless links; custom registration package to detect connection status.
  • DTU


    SW-GPRS232-734 is a RS485 power distribution transmission terminal GPRS DTU, which realizes the two-way transparent transmission function from RS485 to GPRS; supports GSM / GPRS network access; RS485 circuit isolation protection, strong anti-interference ability; supports 4-channel Socket simultaneous online; supports TCP , UDP; support SMS transparent transmission, network transparent transmission, HTTPD, UDC and other modes; support basic instruction set and extended instruction set; support 5-36V wide voltage, DC and terminal power supply options.