SW-GPRS232-734 is a RS485 power distribution transmission terminal GPRS DTU, which realizes the two-way transparent transmission function from RS485 to GPRS; supports GSM / GPRS network access; RS485 circuit isolation protection, strong anti-interference ability; supports 4-channel Socket simultaneous online; supports TCP , UDP; support SMS transparent transmission, network transparent transmission, HTTPD, UDC and other modes; support basic instruction set and extended instruction set; support 5-36V wide voltage, DC and terminal power supply options.

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——General Information——


Product Features:

1. High stability, high protection

2. Anti-reverse connection of power supply, over-voltage protection

3.485 digital isolation protection

4.Keep running 24 hours


——Product Function——


1. Domain name resolution DNS

stand by

2. Data transmission in transparent transmission mode

Support TCP Client / UDP Client

3. HTTP protocol transmission

stand by

4. SMS transparent transmission

stand by

5. Beat data

stand by

6. Registration package mechanism

Support custom / ICCID / IMEI registration package


——Technical Parameters——


Wireless parameters standard GSM/GPRS/EDGE
frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz
power 2w
GPRS Terminal Device Class Class B
antenna SMA interface
Hardware parameter data interface RS4855.08*3
baud rate 2400~921600bps
voltage DC5v~36v
current 59~65ma
Working temperature -25℃-85℃
Storage temperature -40℃-125℃
dimension 82.5*86*24mm


——Product pictures——


DTU无线转换器英文产品描述1624  DTU无线转换器英文产品描述1625 DTU无线转换器英文产品描述1626 DTU无线转换器英文产品描述1627

——Product Introduction——


The DTU function in the power distribution terminal can be flexibly combined through software configuration.

The DTU function module monitors the operation and fault information of line voltage, line current, zero sequence current, equipment status, etc. Complete remote signaling, telemetry and remote control functions to realize real-time monitoring of distribution automation.Its protection function realizes the on-site detection and removal of line faults.

The communication management module has a variety of communication interfaces and a variety of standard communication protocols. In addition to the terminal’s internal data management function, it can also forward the energy meter, PLC and DC screen data in the power distribution room or opening and closing station, and communicate with the master station system through a standard unified interface to complete data transmission and other functions.

The DTU distribution terminal adopts a distributed design mode. The powerful software and hardware configuration functions not only meet the real-time requirements of DTU, but also realize the data storage and recording function.

At the same time, it can also realize the independent configuration function of line microcomputer protection, successfully solving the measurement and control, protection, communication compatibility and coexistence issues, to achieve the purpose of simplifying the types of station equipment.

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