Electric energy efficiency monitoring terminal ( gprs.lora )

The electric energy efficiency monitoring terminal is mainly used for three-phase energy consumption, and can be equipped with RS485 communication function and wireless communication function, which is convenient for users to carry out power , collection and remote monitoring management. The product has the advantages of high precision, small size, and easy installation. It can be flexibly installed and distributed in the distribution box to realize the itemized energy measurement, statistics and analysis of different areas and different loads.

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——General Information——


Product Features:

1.DIN rail, small size

2.Adopt open type transformer ,which can be installed without power outage

3.It has all the measurement functions of the three-phase multi-function energy meter

4.Wireless communication, simple networking and stable operation

5.Equipped with three-phase cable stability monitoring function to prevent fire and eliminate potential safety hazards

6. Leakage current monitoring function makes the power supply more reliable


——Product Function——


1.Communication function: Standard 1 RS485 communication interface.

2.Optional module

GPRS module :GPRS mobile public network (2G network).

Lora module:NB-Lot communication , low power consumption.

3.Main function:The energy efficiency monitoring terminal can have two sets of rate schedules, which can be automatically converted at the agreed time; each set of schedules supports 4 rates and 8 periods.

4.Energy efficiency monitoring terminal can measure current, voltage, active power, reactive power, instantaneous power, power factor, etc.

5.Features:The energy efficiency monitoring terminal can measure the reactive and active energy of phases A, B, and C, and the current reactive and active energy of phases A, B, and C, and combined active energy.

6.Metering chip:Use high precision, high sensitivity, high stability, wide range, low power consumption measurement chip


——Technical Parameters——


Reference voltage 3*380V3*100V
Current specification 5A, 100A, 200A, 300A, 400A, 600A
Rated frequency 50Hz
Accuracy level Active level 1,Reactive level 2
Power consumption Voltage line: <=2W, 5VA; current line: <2VA
Communication RS4852400bpsMicropower wireless470MHzGPRS900/1800MHzStandard:DL/T645–2007MODEBUS
Meter Constant(imp/kWh) 6400400
Measurement Power+/-1%,effective value+/-1%,+/-3℃,Clock accuracy 0.5second/day


——Product pictures——


Electric Energy Efficiency Monitoring Terminal ( GPRS.Lora ) (1)  Electric Energy Efficiency Monitoring Terminal ( GPRS.Lora ) (4)  Electric Energy Efficiency Monitoring Terminal ( GPRS.Lora ) (3)  Electric Energy Efficiency Monitoring Terminal ( GPRS.Lora ) (2) Electric Energy Efficiency Monitoring Terminal ( GPRS.Lora ) (5)



——Wire Connection Modes——


Installation and wiring:

A, B, and C open-ended sensors are respectively clamped with A-phase, B-phase, and C-phase cables. At the same time, the three-phase voltages of A, B, and C are taken from the three-phase cable terminal, and the other 3 channels are the same as above, Then installation can be completed.

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