Not only reduces the user's irrigation electricity cost, but also makes irrigation electricity safer and more convenient ,more reliable.

Farmland irrigation power solutions

Jiangsu Senwei Electronics Co., Ltd. provides a professional information management system solution for agricultural irrigation power consumption. This system allows users to directly enjoy the agricultural drainage and irrigation electricity price benefit policy when irrigating electricity, which not only reduces the user's irrigation electricity cost, but also Make irrigation electricity safer and more convenient and reliable. The overall system architecture is shown below:

System composition


The agricultural drainage irrigation and sales management system is composed of three parts: the terminal equipment layer, the data communication layer and the management layer. The three cooperate with each other to jointly complete the functions of the agricultural drainage irrigation and sales management system.

Terminal equipment layer

The terminal equipment layer is composed of agricultural irrigation and drainage devices. The agricultural irrigation and drainage devices consist of a public prepaid electric energy meter device, which sells electricity by reading the electricity purchased from the IC card.

Data communication layer

The data communication layer uses an IC card as the medium for data communication, and serves as a bridge between the terminal device layer and the management layer to realize the connection between power purchase and power sales.


The management is the main station system for agricultural irrigation and drainage, which realizes the management of IC card electricity sales, entry of account information, and printing of reports.


Advance: The main station software is designed and developed using mainstream and advanced platform technology, and open system upgrade conditions. For a single farmer with scattered irrigation areas, our system can also use electricity and water nearby (the system supports one card with multiple meters and one table with multiple cards).

    Security: Each operation function of the system is set with independent authority, and strict and perfect password management is established to ensure the safety of the operation of the system software and application software. Security management of data communication between the master station and the IC card: provide effective encryption, compression and access authentication management.

  Maintain: The function of this software should focus on practicability, the man-machine interface is clear, and the operation is simple and convenient. Modular structure with maintainability.

Expand : The software should not only meet the current management needs, but also be able to easily expand functions with the development of power marketing automation to meet the needs of future management work.

Technical Parameters


Reference voltage 3×220/380V
Frequency 50Hz
Consumption ≤1.5W5VA


Reference current 3×1.56A3×520A3×1040A3×560A3×2080A
Starting Active 0.002In (level 1)  reactive 0.003In (level 2)
Consumption 1VA


active Level 0.5S
reactive Level 2
deviation 0.5second/day


method RS4852400bps     infrared1200bps


Meter Constant(imp/kWh) 6400400240imp/kWh


temperature -25℃+60℃
humidity ≤85%
battery capacity ≥1200mAh


rate 4
period 12