SW-TCP232-304 is a RS485 serial port server, small size, cost controllable, realize RS485 to Ethernet bidirectional transparent transmission function; with 1 Ethernet port, 10 / 100Mbps rate; support timeout restart, DHCP automatically obtain IP DNS domain name resolution, remote upgrade, virtual serial port function; support custom beat data to eliminate useless links; custom registration package to detect connection status.

Product Detail

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——General Information——


Product Features:

1. High stability, high protection

2. Anti-reverse connection of power supply, over-voltage protection

3.485 digital isolation protection

4.Keep running 24 hours


——Product Function——


1. Domain name resolution DNS

stand by

2. Data transmission in transparent transmission mode

Support TCP Client / UDP Client

3. HTTP protocol transmission

stand by

4. SMS transparent transmission

stand by

5. Beat data

stand by

6. Registration package mechanism

Support custom / ICCID / IMEI registration package


——Technical Parameters——


Software parameters networking protocol IPtcp/ipARPhttp
IP access Static ip,dhcp
DNS support
User configuration software,web page,at instruct
Transmission mode Tcp sever/tcp clientudp sever/udp client
Tcp sever support
Network caching send:6kbyte,receive:4kbyte
Serial port cache receive:2kbyte
transmission delay 10ms
Hardware parameters voltage DC5v~7v
current 150ma
Net mouth specification 10/100Mbps
baud rate 600-230.4k()
number Re485*1


——Product pictures——



——Product Application——


Compared with the commonly used programmable controller PLC, RTU usually has excellent communication capabilities and larger storage capacity, suitable for harsher temperature and humidity environments, and provides more computing functions. RTU products are widely used in SCADA systems in industries such as oil and gas, water conservancy, power dispatching, and municipal dispatching.


Today, RTU technology is developing in the direction of intelligence. The intelligent RTU can automatically determine whether the acquired data needs to be reported to the central control station immediately, or it can be temporarily retained locally and then transmitted later, or until the central control station requests it. Intelligent RTU can automatically detect the interruption of communication and immediately start saving data to the memory, so that the communication network can be used most effectively. The intelligent RTU can also transmit those critical data to several central control stations at the same time. In addition, because security is the biggest problem in the current communication network, intelligent RTU can encrypt data before transmission, and can also deny access from unknown addresses.


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