Three phase LCD embedded digital display multi-function electronic energy meter with rs485

Embedded three-phase multi-function instrument, a kind of intelligent electric instrument with programmable measurement, display, RS485 digital communication and electric energy pulse output, capable of measuring voltage, current, active power, reactive power , power factor, frequency, energy measurement, data display, collection and transmission, it can be widely used in substation automation, distribution automation, intelligent buildings, and energy measurement, management, and evaluation within the enterprise. The measurement accuracy is level 1, realizing LCD or LED on-site display and remote RS485 digital interface communication. It is compatible with DL / T645-2007 protocol and standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol.

Product Detail

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——Product Function——


1.Flame retardant , easy to install

2.Large backlight, large LCD, clear display

3.Can display three-phase voltage, current, active/reactive power, power factor and frequency in turn on a large screen

4.With communication function, it can use 2 channels to transmit data at the same time.

5.With programmable function, the transformer ratio can be set customized.

6.Wiring method :Three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire ,etc.

7.voltage standards:380V / 100V / 57.7V and others ,are fully compatible.

8.Silicone button, good touch feeling and long useful time

9.The installation clip is not easy to break, very firm

——Technical Parameters——


Reference voltage 220V/600V
Current specification 5A
Rated frequency 50Hz
Accuracy level Active level 1
Power consumption ≦5VA
Digital interface Line 2 RS485 ,MODBUS-RTU(DL645-2007)
Output Pulse Line 1
Temperature range Working temperature range -10~55 degree,
Storage temperature range -20~75 degree


——Product pictures——


embedded (1)  embedded (2)  embedded (3)




Exterior dimensionsmm

Hole dimensionsmm

Horizontal minimum installation distancemm

Vertical minimum installation distancemm










——Wire Connection Modes——


1.Fix the electric meter to the meter box, and connect the interface . It is recommended to use copper wire or copper terminal.

2.Voltage input: The input voltage should not be higher than the product’s rated input voltage of 220V, otherwise PT should be considered.

3.Current input: The standard rated input current is 5A. More than 5A, an external CT(Current transformershould be used. If other instruments are connected to the CT used, the wiring should be in series. Before removing the current input wire , be sure to disconnect the CT primary circuit or short the secondary circuit.

–Make sure that the input voltage and current correspond to each other in the same order, and the incoming and outgoing directions are the same; otherwise, the values and symbols will be wrong!

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