Three-phase multi-function electronic energy meter

Three-phase four-wire / three-phase three-wire energy meter is a large-scale integrated circuit, using digital sampling processing technology and SMT process, designed and manufactured according to the actual power consumption of industrial users. It meets the requirements of GB / T 17215.301-2007,DL / T 614-2007 and DL / T645-2007 .The requirements can be customized according to the needs of the function

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——General Information——


Product Features:

1. High precision and small error

2. Time-sharing or step-by-step electricity price measurement

3. LCD screen self-check alarm when there is a problem

4. Equipped with two RS485 communication functions and infrared communication function at the same time

5. Adopt flame-retardant non-metal shell, light in size and easy to install


——Product Function——


1.Display with LCD display with wide viewing angle and high contrast

2.Communication method:RS485,Infrared,Carrier

3.Apply digital processing technology and SMT process.

4.The main function: measurement and detection, remote fee control , security certification and encryption ,display , event recording , freeze , timing , pulse output, etc.

5.Manganese copper shunt :The current adopts a loop with a highly stable and wide-range manganese copper shunt.

6.Carrier module: Communicate via power line networking without the need for additional cables.

Lora module: long-distance small wireless networking communication.

GPRS module: mobile public network (2G network).

7.Metering chip:A metering chip is used to measure bidirectional active power and four-quadrant reactive energy. The voltage sampling loop adopts resistance voltage division.

8.Optional direct access or transformer access:

Load control can choose built-in or external switch. Built-in switch:

The miniature circuit breaker switch is installed inside the meter and is integrated with the meter. Advantages: simple structure and cheap price. External switch: The miniature circuit breaker is set separately, and the meter can control the opening / closing of the external circuit breaker through the control terminal.


——Technical Parameters——


Reference voltage 3×220/380V
Current specification 3×1.56A、3×520A、3×1040A、3×560A、3×2080A
Rated frequency 50Hz
Accuracy level Active Level 0.5, Reactive Level 2, 0.5seconds/day
Power consumption Voltage line: <=1.5W, 5VA; current line: <1VA
Temperature range Working temperature range -25~55degree,

extreme working temperature range -40~70 degreeMeter Constant(imp/kWh)6400400240CommunicationRS485:2400bps       Infrared:1200bps    DL/T645-2007

——Product pictures——



——Wire Connection Modes——


Fix the electric meter to the meter box, and connect the interface according to the wiring diagram. It is recommended to use copper wire or copper terminal. The screws in the terminal box should be tightened to avoid burning due to poor contact or excessively thin wire.

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